Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Emily's Bridge"

"Emily's Bridge" is an article by Davy Russell describing the paranormal activity that goes on at this spooky place in Vermont. It is said that a girl named Emily is known to haunt this historic landmark. This girl is not only just a spooky spirit that watches you as you pass then fades back into nonexistence. This ghost is feared for she is known for banging people's cars and slashing their faces with invisible claws. This has been going on for about 150 years. People have witnessed voices, ghostly figures, and strange lights coming from the bridge. Pictures have been said to develop improperly without any explanation. For example, weird lighting in the pictures, blurriness, or wispy streaks going through the picture. There are a variety of stories explaining where Emily came from and why she does what she does. It is said that Emily hung herself from the bridge 150 years ago. The story also says Emily made the whole thing up to scare her own children. Kevin Kierstead, founder of Paranormal Research America, has recently been checking out the haunted bridge. Emily was not seen at the bridge by these ghosthunters, but some interesting things did happen. Things showed up on the pictures that were taken after they were developed, and the photography equipment used for this interaction repeatedly malfunction throughout the time of taking pictures at the bridge. One camera even turned itself off after every picture taken. Away from the bridge the camera worked as it was supposed to. The bridge is said to be beautiful by day and spooky by night, as said in this quote from the article: "While Emily's Bridge has a serene beauty by day, at night the covered bridge takes on a more dramatically spooky look. It takes a certain bravery to enter alone after dark; and with a loud rushing of water clouding your sense hearing, and the pitch blackness of nightime in the country, the mind easily recalls every chilling story associated with the bridge."
This story about the paranormal activity that goes on at this bridge had a way with making me believe it was true; how they explained this event and all of the witnesses who supposedly saw these mystical things occur. Even though Emily is said to bang on car doors and slash people with her invisible claws, there is no known information of Emily actually hurting the victims. Emily's Bridge would be an interesting place to go visit for ghosthunting. But we all know one thing, don't get out of the cars!

Russell, Davy. "X-Project: Emily's Bridge". (June 1, 2001). Paranormal Magazine. March 30, 2010.

Video of Emily's Bridge:
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